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Cars Master, Lahore

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About Us

Cars Master is recognized all over the world and is a strong and truly global brand. The quality and service behind it are delivered through a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and licensee partners.

Cars Master Pakistan, by keeping the Cars Master Philosophy of total customer satisfaction through constant innovation in its system and operations, has completed a successful 30 years of operations.

In Pakistan, Cars Master has remained the leader in the car rental company by virtue of its comprehensive operational system, wide range of fleet selection and highly qualified staff.

We ardently believe in and adhere to the ever inspiring motto "We try harder" aiming at the total satisfaction of our prestigious clients.

In Pakistan, we are operating in all major cities from downtown and airport locations. Our online booking & car rental system enable us to concentrate more on customer service and to give more attention to detail. Our recent plan of upgrading our fleet has helped us in achieving our organizational objective to be the best service provider in the industry and now we are aiming to bringing down the average age of our fleet to one and half year by year 2010.